Journey of Suvastu

Suvastu, the Real Estate company, has been in the Real Estate Business in Bangladesh for over 26 years. The thriving success story of Suvastu can correlate to the fact that the Real Estate business in Bangladesh is ever-growing. Thus, this sector is a paramount contributor to the GDP of Bangladesh. At the same time, our passion and dedication in our work, our top-notch workmanship and our apt, efficient and clear-cut business policies also play a crucial part in this regard. Inspired by our glorious background through our experience and participation in the Real Estate business sector of Bangladesh, Suvastu Properties Ltd. (SPL) is dedicated and prepared to become the Best Real Estate Company in Bangladesh.

Suvastu Imam Square - Suvastu Properties Ltd.
Suvastu Imam Square, The Corporate Head Office of Suvastu Properties Ltd.

Suvastu started the journey as an aspiring Real Estate Company in Dhaka in 1994. Throughout the years Suvastu has always been accepting groundbreaking challenges in the Real Estate Business and continually delivering them. As a result, setting new trends among the Real Estate Companies of Bangladesh. One of such examples is Suvastu Nazar Valley, Dhaka’s biggest apartment cum shopping complex is our flagship project. Apart from that, Suvastu stands alongside other Top ranking Real Estate Companies in Bangladesh with our rich and diverse portfolio, having more than 75 Completed and Ongoing Projects all over Dhaka City. Now with more than 26 years of experience and participation in the Real Estate Industry, we are inspired to move forward with our new motto, “Architecting Experience”. Suvastu caters to the premium and innovative sector of the Real Estate Industry.

Our own story began as Suvastu Development Limited from the tea table of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) cafeteria all the way to international conference table. The word ‘SUVASTU’ is an amalgamation of the Bengali words ‘Su’ meaning good experience, and ‘Vastu’ meaning ecology/ habitat. We have successfully completed and handed over the Residential Project, Suvastu Classic Point in 1997 which was our first project as Real Estate Developer. From that point onward we didn’t have to look back and continuously undertook major projects in some prime locations of Dhaka City. Our first Commercial Project, Chandrashila Suvastu Tower, was completed in 1999. The project is located in Panthapath and at that time, became our very own Corporate Office. The very next year, in 2000, Suvastu began the construction work of the Mega project, Suvastu Nazar Valley. In 2005, the project was completed. To this day it stands as a landmark in Dhaka City and a testament to our achievement among the Real Estate Companies of Bangladesh.

As discussed earlier, the Real Estate business has been ever-flourishing in Bangladesh. Keeping up with the developing and up to date 

– Trends,
– Innovations,
– Technologies and
– Demands,

Suvastu ventured in to the premium segment of the Real Estate Industry in 2007. To serve this niche market segment, we shifted our address to the heart of Gulshan, from where we have developed numerous projects in

  • Gulshan,
  • Baridhara and
  • Banani.

In 2012, Suvastu got ISO 9001:2008 certified for International Standards of Quality Management Systems. Then on 2013, Suvastu had received the Global Brand Excellence Award on 22 October in the Real Estate Sector. This award has enhanced our Brand Positioning among the Top Real Estate Companies in Bangladesh. This have also helped us to deliver the message of our Brand Promises to our clients.

The Beginning of Suvastu Properties Ltd. – Premium Real Estate Company in Bangladesh

In November 2017, Suvastu Properties Ltd. (SPL) was formed as a spin-off from Suvastu Development Limited. SPL A much more well-organized, focused and goal oriented Real Estate Company. From its inception, Suvastu Properties Ltd. has been working to cater for urban housing needs in Dhaka, introducing ‘Affordable Luxury’, an innovative way of thinking and approach in the Real Estate Sector. With our hard work and dedication, we became a significant, branded Real Estate company over a very short time. At Suvastu Properties, we are proud to be working with highly skilled professionals of the Real Estate Business in all Departments from 

– Marketing and Branding,
– Finance and Accounting,
– Information Technology and of course
– Design and Construction.

We have several projects to our credit that has drawn wide attention for specialized features offered to our clients.


Suvastu properties fron desk

At Suvastu we offer our clients Great Experience by providing finest service to them. Like other top real estate companies in Bangladesh, the key strengths of Suvastu Properties Ltd. are our 

– Prestigious Landmarks,
– Superiority in Design and Construction,
– On-time delivery and
– Excellent Customer Service.

On top of all these, Suvastu Properties stands out from other Real Estate Companies with our promise of Affordable Luxury.

As a Real Estate Developer in Bangladesh, Suvastu Properties Ltd. has the ambition to offer wellness for all and as such we believe exciting times are coming ahead for us. True to our motto, key values and ambitions, SPL is engaged in multiple numbers of projects aiming to provide Affordable Housing for all. Let us dive deep and explore more as to why Suvastu is loved by so many one of the Top Real Estate Company in Bangladesh.

With the Vision set to be the most Aspirational Brand in Real Estate in Bangladesh, Suvastu Properties Ltd. is working towards our target with our steadfast Mission, which are,

  • To attain wellness through architecting experience and
  • To develop professional and highly inspired associates.

Our Values literally spells out ‘SIMPLE’, which stands for,

  • Sustainable Growth/ Sustainability,
  • Innovation,
  • Management Excellence,
  • People Centric,
  • Loyal Customer Services and
  • Experience.

We are committed to achieve both of our internal and external customers’ satisfaction through 

– Valued quality,
– Smooth delivery and
– Cost effectiveness

through continual improvement of the products and services we offer, by fulfilling all applicable requirements.

We are committed to care for

– Our people,
– Our society and
– The environment

through an integrated quality management approach aiming to ensure the ethical business practice. 

Suvastu Engineering Limited – A Leading Engineering and Construction Company in Bangladesh

After establishing ourselves as a proven leader among the Real Estate Companies, Suvastu Properties ventured in to the construction sector. We are already involved many notable Public and Private Construction Projects under the Banner of Suvastu Engineering Limited, a sister concern of Suvastu Properties Ltd. One of our major Construction projects is the Kazipara Metro Station of the Bangladesh Government Project of Dhaka Metro Rail.

We are capable of taking such large-scale projects along with our Real Estate Projects because we employ our own Engineering Equipment and Vehicles related to Construction Works. No matter what the nature of the project is, be it large-scale commercial projects, multi-storied office buildings, residential colonies over a vast space of land or even extended railway projects. At Suvastu Engineering Limited we have a fleet of construction equipment & machineries, and our own workshop, which helps us to complete our projects ‘on-time’ and ‘with international standards’; ‘minimizing the cost’ all along.

In the Real Estate and Construction Industry, Safety at the project sites is one of the top most priority. With respect to that, we have applied for and obtained the ISO 45001:2018 Standards Certifications to ensure Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) in our company. Currently, we are renewing our ISO 9001 Certification to be upgraded to the latest version, ISO 9001:2015, of the international standards of Quality Management Systems. This reinforces the fact that we are continually improving our processes to keep up to date with the international standards.

Other Sister Concerns of Suvastu Properties Ltd.

One of the key factors which is essential to become a Top Real Estate Company, is to have aesthetically pleasing building designs which also integrates the element of comfort and luxury in it. After all the end product should reflect our passion and dedication in everything that we do. Suvastu Properties is exceptionally attentive in this matter up to the mark that our slogan is “Architecting Experience”. To deliver to our promise, we have our devoted team of Architects and Designers and we have also partnered with many renown architects in Bangladesh. Together we are driven to provide buildings with exclusive designs to our clients. We are glad to state that, our buildings are not only modern and unique but the idea of wellness for the dwellers are also incorporated in our design. That is why, no matter what the building is used for, either Residential or Commercial, the users feel comfortable, safe and relaxed.

At Suvastu Properties Ltd. we are focused on being a holistic Real Estate Company and that is why here we have our own Team of Engineers in the Facilities Management Department. Our Team of Specialists come from a diverse background, even with working experience in different countries like Singapore and India. With our multi-talented experts, we are well prepared to be a leading Real Estate Company in Bangladesh, where our clients can receive one-stop and complete service in Real Estate.

Some of the Ongoing Projects of Suvastu Properties Ltd.

Suvastu Anondolok

Currently, Suvastu Properties has Three Ongoing Residential Projects and Two Ongoing Commercial Projects in different locations like Gulshan, Dhanmandi, Banani and Baridhara.

Suvastu Anondolok is a luxurious Apartment Complex in the heart of Gulshan. It is designed by the renowned Architect Foyezullah and is a fully Fare faced building. It sits on a spacious plot of approximately 15 katha at Gulshan. With both Gulshan Avenue and Gulshan lake at close proximity, the location is very appealing to families who are looking for a peaceful address to live in Dhaka City. With all the modern Features and Amenities, and Remarkable Architectural Design, Suvastu Anondolok can be the Dream Home for many who are looking for a Residential Property at Gulshan.

Suvastu Properties Ltd., Top Real Estate Company in Bangladesh Anondolok

Suvastu Anondolok – Suvastu Properties Ltd.

Suvastu Properties Ltd. Rialto Tower, Commercial Building, Real Estate Company

Suvastu Rialto Tower – Suvastu Properties Ltd.

Suvastu Rialto Tower

If you are looking for a Commercial Property then Suvastu Rialto Tower should be among your Top Choices. It embraces the energy of the young crowd with its unique and eye-catching design features. It is set to become an icon and one of the most attractive business destinations of Sat Masjid Road, Dhanmandi. From

– Doctor’s Chamber,

– Restaurants and

– Office Spaces

there is a wide range of business and investment opportunities at Suvastu Rialto Tower.

Suvastu Muskan Tower

True to our Passion to become the Top Real Estate Company in Bangladesh, we have undertaken many notable projects in Dhaka City, and Suvastu Mukan Tower is one of them. Using cutting edge technologies and modern construction techniques, Muskan Tower is set to stand 23 storied tall on Gulshan Avenue with 5 Underground Basements!

Suvastu Shahnawaz

This is a spectacular Residential Project in Baridhara, Block-K which is nestled in the quiet corner of the Diplomatic Zone. Suvastu Shahnawaz has been one of our prosperous projects as 

– It is very desirable to families who are looking for a calm address to live in Dhaka City
– The Baridhara Park and the Lake are in walking proximity and
– The assurance of security in the Baridhara Diplomatic Zone.

Suvastu Muskan Tower, Commercial Property, Real Estate Company in Bangladesh

Suvastu Muskan Tower – Suvastu Properties Ltd.

Suvastu Properties Ltd. Suvastu Shaptarshi, Real Estate Company in Bangladesh

Suvastu Shaptarshi – Suvastu Properties Ltd.

Suvastu Shaptarshi

Banani is a convenient location to live in Dhaka, with all necessary places within reach, from

  1. Banks,
  2. Restaurants,
  3. Pharmacies,
  4. Convenient Stores,
  5. Boutique Shops,
  6. Supermarkets and more.

This proves that Banani has a good Lifestyle Index which helps to have a peaceful living here. And that is why Suvastu Shaptarshi is one of our latest addition in Residential Projects. Located at the quieter road of Banani, Suvastu Shaptarshi is might be the best place for you to live.

Suvastu Bandhan

One of our more recent and pioneering projects is Suvastu Bandhan. This project presents the idea of Affordable Luxury and integrates many other innovative ideas all in one. For example, we know that many European Countries have already leaned towards small homes and simplistic living. Here we have designed our project in such a way that the inhabitants will get the feeling and all facilities of a large house in a much smaller space without compromising comfortability or openness. At the same time, this project also brought together like-minded people and have successfully inaugurated the concept of Community Living. Some of the most reputed 

– Architects,
– Marketing Professionals,
– Social Workers and
– Community Builders of Bangladesh

are working in this Project together in this project. We hope that this will be a groundbreaking venture in the Real Estate Business and another success story for Suvastu.

The Human Resources of Suvastu Properties Ltd.

At Suvastu, the people working here are the heart and soul of our business. At Suvastu Properties Ltd. we value individual freedom and professionalism. The people who are associated with us, defines our passion and dedication towards our works. We value Workplace Equity and Freedom, so that everyone can Embrace the Privilege to Explore and Grow within their Job Scopes. We like to consider our Team as a Family where everyone can bond and work towards the betterments for all! 

Moreover, we like to bring everyone connected with us, under one roof, by treating all as our “Partners”. That is why their satisfaction is our top priority. Referring to our

– Innovative Approaches to achieve Excellence in Design and Construction,
– High-end Customer Services, and
– Integrity in fair business practice,

We ensure to provide one of the best experiences and ecstasy for our “Partners”.

We are also engaged in multiple number of Corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. Most recently during the pandemic of 2020, Suvastu Properties Ltd. has ensured that all our employees receive their salaries in advance at much earlier dates. During the pandemic, all construction activities were also shut down. The daily earning of many construction workers, who had been working on a daily wage basis, had stopped completely as a result! In such a dire situation, Suvastu Properties Ltd. Management had made a small effort to stand by the side of about 150 construction workers, who had been working under labor contractors in various construction projects of Suvastu Properties Ltd. Financial Aid has been sent to each of their bKash accounts to purchase food and other necessities. 


Why Landowners prefers Suvastu Properties Ltd. as a Real Estate Company

We acknowledge a piece of Land for the Landowner is one of the most valued property for him or her. Landowners will look for someone they can rely or trust upon when they handover their asset. At Suvastu Properties Ltd. our business policy is Transparency and Integrity.

We care for your land like our own. We work to develop your land in an environmentally friendly manner so that the surroundings are not adversely affected. In this concrete jungle, where the natural environment is damaged due to our activities, we always prioritize on minimizing pollution. Be it noise pollution, air pollution or land pollution. Our projects always include greeneries along with other natural elements like

  • Water bodies,
  • Open spaces to maximize air flow
  • Rooftop Gardens
  • and many others.

As a one-stop Real Estate Company, we provide total solutions, including

– Legal advisories,
– Architectural design consultancies,
– Engineering solutions
– After sale services and many more.

Most importantly, we deliver our projects on time with records of handing over a few projects before the designated time. You are invited to be our Partner for a developed and modern Bangladesh.


Our Customers

Our Aim is to provide wellness for all and our Customers come at first in this regard. We acknowledge the fact that there is no industry where customer service can be overlooked and in Real Estate Company, it has the top most priority. We believe that an empathetic, patient and dedicated customer service is essential for our success. Our policy is to provide quick response and to anticipate our customers’ wishes or grievances rather than just responding to them. And we want to provide Wellness and an excellent experience in Real Estate to all our Customers

Continuing the Journey

So, this is the story of Suvastu Properties, we are passionate about what we do and we care for the wellness for all. Throughout the years our journey as a Real Estate Company has been full of stories, endeavors, success and challenges. Every day we are continuing to learn and grow bigger, to reach newer milestones and contribute more to the Real Estate business. We invite you all to be a part of our ever-growing family and in our journey towards our next big achievement.